New & Used Shipping Containers Home Storage Container Conex Shed Cargo (LUFKIN, TX & surrounding areas)

make / manufacturer: Shipping Containers
model name / number: Conex Storage

Shipped.com Wholesale Containers & International Leasing is a direct supplier of New & Used Shipping Containers for over 10 Years - Call (346) 595-1700 or visit: www.Shipped.com/TXEAST

The Top 8 Frequently Asked Questions About Shipping Containers

1- What services do you provide?

We offer container rentals, sales and international leasing. We are one of the largest container suppliers in the world with employees in 4 continents.

2- What is the condition (or grade) of containers?

Shipped.com rents & sells NEW (One-Trip) & USED Shipping Containers in Lufkin, TX for home & business storage, buildings or for international freight import/export.

3- What sizes are available?

  • 20ft Standard (20' length x 8' 6" tall x 8' wide) containers
  • 40ft Standard (40' length x 8' 6" tall x 8' wide) containers
  • 40ft High Cube (40' length x 9' 6" tall x 8' wide) containers
  • Plus many more specialty types (open-sides, doors on each end, etc)

4- How much do shipping containers cost to buy or rent?

Shipping container prices vary depending on the size and condition you need. Call Shipped.com at (346) 595-1700 or view our live inventory with pricing online at www.Shipped.com/TXEAST

5- How do you deliver containers in LUFKIN & SURROUNDING AREAS?

Delivery- We will use a heavy duty truck with a tilt-bed trailer (roll off truck). The container gently slides off the back of the truck directly onto the ground as the truck pulls forward.
  • 20ft containers need 65ft straight-line space
  • 40ft containers need 110ft of straight-line space
  • 16ft of height clearance, and 12ft width
You can also PICKUP – Save money and use your own delivery truck to pick up containers at our local depot in LUFKIN, TX!

6-Preparing your site for delivery

We can deliver directly on to the ground if the surface is is level, solid and has good drainage. Solid ground, asphalt, gravel, or concrete are all fine. At the time of delivery, you can place railroad ties or wood blocks under each of the 4 corner posts of the container for additional support/leveling.

7- How do I know who to buy from?

SHIPPED.COM @ (346) 595-1700 is the obvious choice! We've been in business for 10 years and are an international leasing company with many thousands of our own containers in stock at all times. Unlike many brokers you will bump into, we actually operate our own fleet of international leasing containers. Our freight forwarding customers in Asia, Europe and S. America send goods in our Shipped.com containers to USA ports. We then offer our containers for domestic rental, sales or you can lease them for international import/export use. Our wholesale division supplies containers to many of the brokers and retail yards across the US. Visit our website to see our reviews and inventory. Your best choice will be clear.

8- How to buy or rent shipping containers?

Just call our office at Shipped.com (346) 595-1700 x2 and you will deal directly with one of our professional shipping container associates from our team to help you with your purchase.

Shipped.com Corporation
☎️ (346) 595-1700 x2 ☎️

Or visit: www.Shipped.com/TXEAST

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Shipped.com is the leading wholesale supplier of quality shipping containers in LUFKIN & SURROUNDING AREAS!
















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